In Somerset, one of my favourite bookshops

I find myself in Somerset recuperating with family after the awful experience of being burgled.  I am typing on a netbook - so please bear with any typos, since I doubt I shall be able to see them!

It surprised me, but the local bookshop (linked) where I probably buy more books than I do at home in London, were able to order me the Raymond Chandler which I have to read for a Thursday book group.  It should come in time for me to collect tomorrow.  Not only that but they have an automated system for the computer to txt me the moment the book is in the shop!  And even more, they knew of the Amazon reseller I mentioned briefly on the "Prayer to a Bear" post as having a volume of my father's in stock!!  This was great since I could supply him with the contact detail's which he required.

So - if you are in Somerset and require any bookshop services - you know where to go!  Their site look as if it may be able to help you from a distance also - I cannot recommend them too highly!