Nations Favourite Poet

To mark the National Poetry Week here in Great Britain I am exremely pleased to say that we have NOT voted Betjeman as our national favourite in a poll just announced on BBC Radio Four.  So you may wonder who was the most popular statistically?  The answer was T.S. Eliot, a worthy choice I think.  But it was close, and the runners up were John Donne and in third place Benjamin Zephaniah.  I have already featured Donne on my blog and I am certain I shall mention Eliot in the future.  So now I shall honour Zephaniah, the most contemporary of the favourites, if getting a poem posted on my blog counts as any sort of honour.

I hope to hear from the poet laureate, Caroline Duffy, but no doubt she will be busy enough this week getting inspired to make compositions to mark the week!

Since I seem to have decided the interesting choice was the rastafarian, here is one of his, entitled "Who's who":-

I used to think nurses Were women,
I used to think police
Were men,
I used to think poets
Were boring,
Until I became one of them.

Perhaps the next post I make will be part of "Blog Action Day" and perhaps not; I am very conscious that last year there was so little traffic and interest that taking part only raised £12 for a good cause and seemed to generate no interest I could detect.  It strikes me that Blog Action Day is largely a lot of bloggers getting excited and cross posting to no particular effect, although no doubt  they all think it is wonderful.  Any comments, as ever, are welcome.