Books I am Reading and the blog

Well - for once a post which is not directly a book review as such.  I'm a little miffed because my sidebar choice to say what I am reading at the moment has suddenly decided to throw strange MySQL database errors when I try to update it,... so although it is correct that I am currently reading Proust (and only the first volume at that, goodness knows when if ever this will be completed, a few years at least!) similarly the diaries of a justified sinner is somehow languishing on my E-reader mid-read.  In fact my "active" current reading is "Mother's Milk" by Edward St Aubyn - more of which in the next post I make after next months reading group at the library.

Which brings me to the another sticky subject I am grappling with, that of accessibility and my blog.  Chyrp RC2 has been released as a proper Version 2 since I first set up this blog, and with it comes another "add in module" called Readernaut which (hopefully) will work and allow me to reinstate the current reading feature in my sidebar.  Also since the inception of the blog I have met and fallen in love with a wonderful partially sighted woman.  So it would please me to make the blog work better as a fully accessible site, which I realise is far from the case.  And to complicate matters the geeky friend who hosts my blog has moved servers.  All of which is a roundabout way of saying that I am planning a revamp of the site design and so forth, hopefully transferring all of the content in tact also.  This was a traumatic vent involving almost a week downtime and some shakiness last time.  Hopefully it will go more smoothly this time.  Memo to self - remember to implement the "readmore" link feature and ensure it is accessible with blog redesign.

One of my big hopes is that with the redesign here might be more comments. I know from my own blog reading that a blog does not really "come alive" without comments. Whilst I am aware the traffic is very low I also know I have made posting a comment as easy as I possibly can so I cannot help being a bit miffed at the lack of them. Ok end of pity party. One thing I really know is that bleating on about wanting comments seriously does not invite or encourage them!

Anyway, before that I am moving house and the desk on which the computer will sit to do this wondrous work is yet to be made even - plus I am slated to redesign the website for my local quaker meeting... so I reckon I'll be lucky to achieve these changes this year however much I am itching to get ahead with them and indulge in a little geekout fest all of mine own.  Second memo to self - must prune my blogroll and check it references current sites and ones I can cope with keeping up on too!  OOOooh did I mention in my blog that Dovergrey Reader got a mention on "Front Row" on BBC Radio Four?  Well I have now... and apparently she is very widely read and respected by publishers, no less!  I felt a strange mix of respect, envy, and rubbing shoulders with celebrity to hear this.  More power to her blog I say!

And to conclude on a more literary note, last night I heard that Mark Haddon has apparently written a play on the subject of bipolar disorder which I may well be interested to see.  I shall actually be somewhat prejudiced when I do though, for two or three reasons.  The main one is that I loathed his follow up to "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" and despite trawling through my blog archive (embarrassing days when it was full of drivel with no focus on literature!) I cannot find reference to it.  I know we did it for the library reading group and I vaguely remember reasons I disliked the book, which I would warn the squeamish to steer well clear of because there is a gratuitously grating description of someone piercing themselves for reasons that escape me.  Anyway life's too short to review it now and I am losing the point(s).  The second is that although I liked his most successful work I am not at all sure it was especially accurate in offering any insight into Aspergers (although it may have had some points I think it did not get across how Aspergers has such a very broad spectrum at all and made it seem more disabling than it truly is).  Which brings me to my greatest misgiving, which is that I myself live with "bipolar light" as Stephen Fry describes it.  So if I reckon he did a poor job of portraying Aspergers I'll be the most critical person and arguably qualified to judge how he manages as a playwright.  Who knows, we may yet have another post here under the "drama" category!