A woman head back on a pillow gazes into her lovers eyes as he looks down (a still from the film version of the book)

One of the pleasures as I get older is that I find I can reread a book I have loved and enjoyed and, if it is good enough, I will get even more pleasure on the second time around.  I am not sure if this is a guaranteed result, I suspect rereading of "The Rachael Papers" for example would just make me cringe!

But this book by Carol Shields held unexpected delights.  There is an award for the worst sex writing in a novel, I forget when it is or how it is shortlisted (though that may appear on this blog somewhere in the past).  But if this novel had been published at the time it existed perhaps the scene I reread to my darling Fiancee the other night woudl qualify!  Not that the writing is bad, but the sex most definitely is!  It is in the passage where Tom Avery is listing things he will "never do again" and it itemizes an ex-partners prescriptive demands of him sexually to hilarious effect, all the more remarkable given Ms Shields feminist credentials and those of her other protagonist in the book, Fay the folkloreist!

Were it not for copyright I would list the passage here - go read it if you want a belly laugh or three!  I was even more shocked on adding the book to my reading list to see the cover I have shown, which features a still from the "recent major movie" made based upon the book.  I have certainly not seen the movie, but will be on the lookout for an audio described DVD of this post-haste!

(Should my darling wife-to-be read this perhaps she might find out and list it here in a comment?)