Suite Francais - the Nemirovsky story

It has been a month or more since this was the libraries book for the month.  The blog post made by our very conscientious and accurate librarian summarises things extremely well, though this is a book which was very popular several years ago and many readers may already be familiar with the story of how it came to be published and why that was so many years after it was written.  No doubt all of these things are part of the works appeal.

I have to be honest and say that although I was rereading "Republic of Love" at the time and really enjoying doing so I cannot say the same for "Suite Francais".  Whilst a few of the scenes in the book remained fresh in my mind they did not "hang together" as a story in the same way as Shields' work did for me.  I put this down to the quality of the writing, and sorry to say it but I'm not entirely sure Nemirovsky manages to hit a high enough note for me to enjoy rereading her work.

However I did enjoy finding out in more detail about how her granddaughter came to publish the novel her grandmother had written - that must have been thrilling for her and I'd love to find out more of how she felt in doing so.  For my part, were such a thing to happen to me, I would feel very much in the shadow of my relative and if I had any desires to write myself I am not sure I would welcome this.  Happily for Ms Nemirovsky's descendant I do not think this was the case for her.

As we said at the reading group- - we were all glad the book had come to publicationo and felt it was a story that should be told.


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