Diaries and autobiographies

I recently heard that Mark Twain's autobiography has been published after making it a condition of his will that there be a hundred year interval before publication.... Now there is an author with confidence of his place in history!  I may actually read this, whereas most biography passes me by as not particularly interesting.  In this case there's the ego and arrogance of the man (or so it seems to me) added to the historical aspect.  Given it's American history this might add a certain something?  I have to admit it is also a book with which I'd like to "test" the library system here, to see if they have the book available at this point.

I suspect this may read like a diary, but I could be quite wrong on that score, and should reserve judgement.

I recently found myself making an impulse buy from a small selection of second hand books being sold for charity.  The book was hardback, but definitely low-brow.... entitled "Jennifer's Diary" it is a work of perhaps what the Americans call "fan fiction"?  Perhaps it should be called "merchandising"?  Whatever the term; it is adapted as a written work from the scripting of " The Archers" (a radio drama serial I happen to have had my times of addiction to!).

This as a written work has to rank very close to the top of the atrocious tree!  It is a large print book and a slim volume at that.  Yet still worth the donation to a good cause, if only for the simple fact that we learn the step-son of Jennifer we always thought to be "Rory" and of Irish descent, is actually called "Ruairi" which is, apparently, an alternative Gaelic spelling!

I shall, no doubt, post again as, when, and if I succeed in obtaining/reading the autobiography, but I assure you there will be no more comment on "Jennifer's Diary"!  Life's too short to devote any more precious reading time to that!

Addendum:  I now read the volume recently published is the first of three tomes and may not actually comprise an autobiography... but the testing of our library system remains an aim, if not the reading of the volume!

PS to Addendum!  I have been unable to find any record for "Mark Twain Autobiography" in the Lewisham Library search (no real surprise) but I have run out of time and got no further than this link which dates from July.... there must be more and anyone prepared to comment and help out deserves a reward - ask and you shall receive!