Blogs come and blogs go...

and this one does both, at least for me because there is a mysterious and intermittent fault that is preventing me from posting!  Hence the long gap without any news from me, although I have read at least half a dozen books in the meanwhile.....

In extreme précis the five books I read then:-

"Stuart - a life backwards" was a bit harrowing but surprisingly human and life affirming

"The Help" was a great yarn and riveting reading with great insight into the life of black people in the deep South a surprisingly short time ago.

"The Spell" was an extremely homo-erotic book, made somewhat barren somehow by the absence of women characters (I realise that sounds trite, but a camp man is just such a different thing!)

"A Celibate Season" was a great diverting little read, if somewhat dated and cliquey (and of course oh so Canadian!)

And last but not least "Whistling for Elephants" surprised me with it's freshness and humour.  Made a great contrast alongside "celibate season" as far more modern, but with touches of the surreal to enliven it - I would not have guessed Sandi Toksvig had it in her!  Must keep an eye out for more fiction from her..

On which subject I recently dropped that book at a pub and it is labelled for Bookcrossing so given the success of my last bookdrop we will see if any email transpires from that one....

Onwards and upwards - I may be somewhat distracted from blogging even if the intermittent fault remains in abeyance because I am setting out to get an accessible blog up and running for my partner over here - watch this space!