Holiday Reading

Very soon I am not going to have to think about work too much, and certainly not go there, for three glorious weeks.  Whenever a holiday is approaching reading is always near the top of any list of pleasures I am anticipating.  There have even been a few posts on the subject.  I well remember doing a good deal of research on Dylan Thomas when we were taking a short break to Wales, near the setting of Milk Wood.  An Even earlier memory is hitch hiking all around Eire with a hardback copy of Joyce's Ulysses tucked into the bottom of my ruck-sack.

In both those cases though there was no actual reading during the holiday (to this day reading Ulysses remains more ambition than reality, likely since it is such an aural book I have learned).  So it is with some trepidation that I share the works I have prepared for this holiday, after going through the now well practised trials and tribulations of E-book purchase.

There is a collected anthology of Britain's Best Loved poems (Manley Hopkins muchly featured) which I am taking to recite to my beloved and share that way.  There is an audio book copy of "Fry's English Delight" to similarly share and help with any homeless pinings for the mother tongue while we are in France.   And for actual reading there are two well known authors' works; "Vernon God Little" and "Mother's and Son's" (a collection of works by Colm Toibin).  I had high hopes for what seemed a bargain E-book download from an unknown author called "A Season for Singing" but it turned out what it saved in cost it also saved in length, being an extremely brief work of some dozen pages!  Shall be more lively to that "trick" in future, probably a hazard of E-books.

So, there's the "trailer" so to speak.... More on this subject soon, when I have cogitated and worked out what it is that goes on with Holiday Reading, or even *gasp* when I am reading/listening/sharing these works!  But don't hold your breath, experience shows me the anticipation and plans do not always bear fruit in reading at leisure on a break, "The best laid plans...."!