New York, Miller, and bicycles

Basically I need to find a book by Henry Miller or Arthur Miller which was mainly biographical but heavily about his years in New York and his relationship with bicycles as much as women I FOUND IT! "My Bike and Other Friends, Santa Barbara, CA: Capra Press, 1978. ISBN 0-88496-075-7" Highly recommended.
On the other hand .... if you’re "ready to be fascinated by the history of the bicycle and women cyclists" you may want to read on...

Shall I review Wheels of change as a contrast to Bellas review - can I actually bring myself to read it though?

Well I did but this will now focus in on what I remember of the book as a sort of brain dump....

Blue spine/ background cover, published seventies?  Friends definitely in title almost sure by Henry Miller not Arthur, bicycle and other friends?  need to see if I can refine scroogling terms and consider lateral posts like the bella blog and cycling forums in oldies areas - someone else WILL have read this and know the book I am trying to track down (for Annie to read!)

don't even mention Oxford commas! and what is weird now and surely cannot be is I am wondering was it Arthur Miller?