and so it came to pass that I listened to "Starter for Ten" which really worked OK as an audio book, and then TRIED to read a free-jacked copy of "One Day" which has the fascinating property of missing parts out, this was fantastic as I got to avoid reading about the bicycle crash (saying no more as it would be a spoiler! Although I suspect everyone on the planet (bar me) has read it by now anyway it is such an alleged best seller)! I also listened to "Flud" which was an even more spectacular success as an audio book in my humble opinion. And now I have moved along to a reading aloud of the classic Brian O Nuallaian (AKA Flan O'Brien) work The Dalkey Archive to my partner, more of which soon. Brevity is due to flu, so we shall see if I can get well soon and update (comments make me heal faster!)