Ebook library experience

A chain of events whcih started badly has turned out better than I could have hoped for.

At first I trod on my trusty old BeBook as I got out of bed - I was distraught to discover the next evening that the screen was fractured making the deivice pretty much useless.

After the initial annoyance I consoled myself that I still had my old Sony and pondered as to whether the new Sony reader with wifi would be the better experience.  My wonderful partner the very next day went out and got me one!  I really am not sure what I did to deserve to be treated that way and I doubt I have thanked her properly, hopefully writing this post may help?

Since then I have bought three Ebooks, downloaded several free ones, and most recently borrowed a couple on seven day expiries from the library.  For some reason I found the latter experience the mist satisfying - perhaps the image of a little electronic book returning itself on time without need for me to worry about it was satisfying?  I also enjoyed being highly motivated to finishing the book within the time, since I was unsure that renewal would be an option!

The book I chose was a recommendation - "The Rapture" by Liz Jensen and it was entirely suitable for a very rapid read, encompassing an all to human woman as the protagonist, who has been recently confined to a wheelchair and is resuming her vocational psychiatric work a little early.  This is not helped by her being assigned the case of an extremely troubled teenager with psychic abilities.  A hunky physicist adds the love interest and the end of the world as seen by the teenager drives the plot.  Add a little global catastrophe and believable climate disaster and season with a decent author.  It was a good enough read.

But I had broken off from another book to read it.  This was "Before I Go to Sleep" which was an extremely hard act to follow for a thrilling read.  I am going to make a separate post about that book because it deserves it's own entry....