A bit too much Boyd!

I've somehow managed to tear through quite a few books and then hit another "reading block" all of a sudden, so I wanted to try and capture my thoughts on this book especially before they fade into the past.

An honourable mention to William Boyd though, for his recently published "Waiting for Sunrise".  This was an entertaining read and an amusing tale around psychotherapy in the war years (ever noticed that almost every single one of Mr Boyd's books have a war or conflict within them?).  It was not ultimately as memorable as the writing of Julian Barnes, although it was a good yarn.  To be honest it left me wondering about the author's relationship with women, I am not sure a single one of them in "Waiting for Sunrise" is portrayed as functional and with love, excepting a mother who has highly dubious qualities.  Perhaps that says something about the books thematic "hook" of analysis, our protagonists cure of anorgasmia being a major plot device, but one that made me laugh since the cure seems to have very mixed results.

The whole read was a bit of a hoot because I happened to know my analyst was reading it over her holidays too (but she had the hardback and I had the Ebook from the library, which felt great because I would have been really fed up to part with hardback money on a read like this!)  What's more I saw "Ordinary Thunderstorms" available as an Ebook from my library also, which is intriguing since it appears they can only offer about fifty Ebook titles and to have two from the same author strikes me as foolish, but I suspect not all publishers permit library Ebooks.

Perhaps once I have got over my recent glut on William Boyd I'll borrow that from the library and see if he can redeem himself.  I did thoroughly enjoy "Any Human Heart" once upon a time, but have never found another of his works to quite measure up, though "Restless" was fair to middling it had nothing against "Before I go to Sleep", which is reviewed below.

I have had to change the subject of the post now!  I had intended to write about Julian Barnes "Pulse" and hope I may do so soon... they were splendid and haunting short stories.  Any author who can pull that off even once, never mind assembling a volume, has my respect!