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Adult and Child Writing

I am in the midst of reading Helen Dunmore's work "Ingo" to my daughter, all about the Mer people and definitely a cut above "The Water Babies" which would make an interesting compare and contrast as the next book to try reading for her, one I suspect she would enjoy a good deal less (although it has an enduring appeal for myself, I hate to admit!). At the same time I just discovered my fiancée is about to start reading "With Your Crooked Heart" by the same author, billed as a "Dickensian Tale" and aimed at an adult audience.

How interesting I would find it to try reading the second work to my daughter, and seeing if she could tell if they were from the same author.

Could I myself do so in a blind test? Does an author have more than one "voice"? I wonder.... It goes without saying that actors do, but I am quite unsure in the case of authors.


  1. having read other helen dunmore before ingo and with your crooked heart i think i would say that she does indeed have different voices. i cannot remember the book i read of hers before although i think it was called "the betrayal". this is not to say that i did not enjoy it and consider it to have merit, just that i seldom manage to hold titles or authors in my head for long. although not yet completely won over by "with your crooked heart" having only read three or four chapters i am enjoying the style and voice immensely. i am keen to read more of hers soon to consider your question more thoroughly. by the way i find this blog a delight in terms of accessibility and look. really one of the nicest websites i have used. simple, elegant, really nice layout and easy on the eyes that are left. thank you. aero xxx

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  2. On checking the Wiki link I have just discovered that "Ingo" is the first of "The Ingo Chronicles"... I am not sure how my daughter will feel about that, but maybe if she likes this one it will help ease the sadness of finishing the one book to discover there are another three in the same world!

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