A weathered blue door frame with the timbers forming a cross - the word GILEAD across in bold type as the cover of the book

On hearing Marilyn Robinson talk of Gilead

It was a remarkable thing that drew me into listening to "The Book Programme" recently on Radio Four, the author's voice was remarkably similar to that of Diane Weist who acted the part of the supervisor in the drama "In Therapy". But beyond that was the nagging feeling that I had heard of Gilead and more than knowing it as a biblical place and contemporary balm I knew of it in a literary context. Still I did not link this with the interviewee, Marilyn Robinson. On a hunch and after talking with my fiancée I tried entering the word Gilead into the search bar on this blog - and turned up this blast from the past, back in 2010! I have long thought it might one day be useful to myself that I took the effort to make these entries, and now it seems to have paid off!

What is more, it has helped me decide that, despite my interest in her voice and in her life story and what she had to say about her writing, this is a book I shall NOT be reading!

Oddly enough, and perhaps a rebellious streak in me, but it is not unfamiliar to me the sensation that once I "know" an author I no longer want to read their works. Similarly people I know who publish something, I also no longer want to read it. I find this interesting and hope I may at some time return to the question - especially in the case of authors like the barrister I read and met at a reading group not so long ago - maybe 2009, whose work I do indeed intend to read more of...