Having a cold and reading

I am finding an unexpected aspect to this stinking cold I seem to have, along with most of the London population it seems, it is stopping me reading!

Especially when it is an E-reader I am trying to use, and with my cold there are reasons to want to do that, then my vision is simply too poor and blurry to make reading a pleasant or especially viable option; all the more depressing since I seem to have plenty of time that should be spent in bed with a good book!


  1. ARGH! my beloved Aero so kindly searched out audio books she could offer me, I felt certain there would be one of the three she found that would help me in my predicament, but oh no - I have read every single one already! Oddly I do not think I have reviewed any on this site, but for the record they were "Bring up the bones" (Mantell), "Trespass" (Tremain), and "The Sea" (Banville).

    I have decided to reread the Mantell in audiobook form and see what I think....

    Paul on