The fat and the thin - AKA The Belly of Paris

I read Thérèse Raquin twenty or so years ago and it left me with a vivid memory of a racy sexy thriller. So when in search of a Project Gutenberg download to try and unblock my reading it seemed promising to turn to the works of Emile Zola.

This book may not have had the raciness and dark passions of "Therese" but it did not disappoint.

sorry, need to be at a desk to complete this - suffice to say it will involve the autobiographic aspects, the opinion it would make a great "pair" to read alongside a take of two cities (with a link to my entry on said book, and the paean to food which it undoubtedly is.

Also the detail of translation I spotted where the knowledge of french was vital to the understanding of the text. (How one needed to visualise the French person saying "Oui" because of ther eference to lips ... a passage I shall have to look up....