Day - a suitable remembrance day read

I have recently made the acquaintance of a new author whom I rate extremely highly. A L Kennedy is a very gifted writer of short stories and, surprisingly, also has a reputation for stand up comedy. Why surprising? Well right from the start when I read her novella "Original Bliss" it became apparent to me that Kennedy likes to dwell on the darker aspects of humanity.

In the ironically titled "Day" our eponymous war hero Arthur Day is portrayed in a masterful mix of first and third person narrative with two time shifts and, most stunning of all to me, a fabulous portrayal of North Eastern dialect.

It's a dark read, no doubt about it, but there are flashes of humour, like the account of the film crew purchasing prop vegetables for the prisoners gardens, only to find all the food has been pinched by the hungry villagers the next morning! Perhaps these little observational sketches are Kennedy's humorous side showing through?

The overarching impression of the book though is a very vivid account of the truly horrific nature of war and an insightful look at a man who has been broken by it.