John O'hara

Of course I have read many many books since I last posted here, but I haven't the time or memory to talk about all of them. So I thought I would just mention the author John O'hara since I have read and enjoyed a couple of his books; Appointment in Samarra, and Butterfield 8 My introduction to his writing started by overhearing discussion of the first book on a radio program. I filed it away and bought the E-book to read later. When I read it I found myself quite drawn in to a sort of black and white vision of America in times gone by. But the drama played out was very real and very engaging - it felt like reading in black and white, but a really good black ad white movie, if that makes sense.

Butterfield8 I soon learned refers to a telephone district and number. It was a cleverly put together plot with a fur coat carrying far more significance than it deserved. But in both works the author does a good job of presenting a very unemancipated time in history, but where things could be seen to be changing just over the horizon perhaps. It was fascinating to feel I had stepped into that part of history, and unexpected also I have to say.