Archive of June 2011

Tue 14 Jun

London Nightride 2011

Mission Accomplished!

And what a ride it was, despite the excitement of variously discovering our rear lights were slightly out when we changed luggage plans at the last minute and having a bolt work loose which detached the upper stokers bars early in the ride.  The one thing which did perform throughout were our bluetooth Scala headsets, which were a definite help in keeping the team tandem spirits up.

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Tue 7 Jun

Solar - by Ian McEwan

I downloaded this book rather on impulse, but aware of how I had quite enjoyed reading "Saturday".  I had a great deal of frustration in trying to get the darned Ebook to load and had to resort to reading it on my E-reader so it seems I shall need to keep this as a handy backup device to the BeBook which seems to have issues with DRM that the Sony does not, no doubt thanks to the on board wifi in the BeBook.

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