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Thu 25 Aug

Mothers and Sons - initial reaction

Having made a start on my holiday reading I can confirm that the "Season for Singing" e-book was an infuriating waste of time and money, thankfully little of both.  Having said that it did deal with a mother figure of sorts, albeit in a twee and chocolate box fashion.  How unlike the writing of Colm Toibin!

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Fri 12 Aug

Holiday Reading

Very soon I am not going to have to think about work too much, and certainly not go there, for three glorious weeks.  Whenever a holiday is approaching reading is always near the top of any list of pleasures I am anticipating.  There have even been a few posts on the subject.  I well remember doing a good deal of research on Dylan Thomas when we were taking a short break to Wales, near the setting of Milk Wood.  Read More »