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Sun 30 Oct


and so it came to pass that I listened to "Starter for Ten" which really worked OK as an audio book, and then TRIED to read a free-jacked copy of "One Day" which has the fascinating property of missing parts out, this was fantastic as I got to avoid reading about the bicycle crash Read More »

Fri 28 Oct

New York, Miller, and bicycles

Basically I need to find a book by Henry Miller or Arthur Miller which was mainly biographical but heavily about his years in New York and his relationship with bicycles as much as women I FOUND IT! "My Bike and Other Friends, Santa Barbara, CA: Capra Press, 1978. ISBN 0-88496-075-7" Highly recommended.
On the other hand .... if you’re "ready to be fascinated by the history of the bicycle and women cyclists" you may want to read on...

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Tue 4 Oct

Vernon God Little

This was one of my holiday reading choices, and ended up being the one I continued to read and, recently, complete.  I really had no idea what to expect beyond the fact that I was aware the book had enjoyed a surge of popularity, which seemed akin to that of "Story of a dog in the nighttime" and made me wonder if there was a similar theme and the author might have experience of Aspergers or some similar condition.

DBC Pierre was a newcomer to writing in his forties, something I always find hopeful for a fresh and "grown up" work of literature. Read More »