Archive of November 2011

Sun 27 Nov

Bicycles - love poems

So it came to pass that a poet called their anthology of poems "Bicycles" and of course this means I had to reserve it at the library... After a patient few weeks it arrived and I am thrilled to say I have "discovered" a new poet whom I very much admire.  It goes against a few of my prejudices to do so, but she is undeniably so full of life and it shows so well that all stereotypes and prejudices fly out the window before it.  This, it seems to me, is almost the test of good poetry.

Her name, if you do not already know it, is "Nikki Giovanni" Read More »

Wed 2 Nov

Ebooks for the independents

Before too long I am due to drop into Dulwich Books and meet Sheila and we are going to try and work out what went wrong with my attempting to purchase a number of Evolumes via the new "hive" network which is intending to enable the little guys an in.... what a shame not on speaking terms with my uncle Ron, expand this entry but making a note now - and people reading this will just have to understand Nanowrimo comes first for November.... if you wish to read more on the subject please do visit