Archive of December 2011

Sat 24 Dec

The Eve of Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the land

The only mouses stirring

Were those in our hands


Screens are aglowing and hard drives awhirring

Every household bar one in three on broadband

But narry a creature can be found stirring

Technology working alone not hand in hand


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Fri 16 Dec

On the passing of Mr Hitchens

Well Christopher Hitchens passed away this morning and I loved the imagery that was conjured up of his tour of the bible belt with his book "God is not Great" and the idea of him as a man who disliked sleeping "because he did not rate being unconscious" and that he had such a prodigious gift as a writer he could down a bottle of scotch and still be up bright and early the next morning and throw three thousand words up in the air and have them fall on the page in perfect and wonderful composition.

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Sun 4 Dec

Compare and contrast my effort



At least I grasp

    the title

    Though the

    Pillow of verse

    Eludes me


A haiku it is not

Your skeep it is





(If that's a pair of Haiku I'm a yak's nephew!)


      Paul, for Annie December 2011


... with that of Nikki Giovanni....

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