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Fri 10 Feb

Rose Tremain and many more; catching up

I have read many books over the intervening period and shall try to list them shortly.  I do not feel any need to explain, what is a blog of lit crit without the lit to crit after all?  The fact of the matter is I entered a bit of a depressive decline before Christmas and am only now coming out of that....

But to try and recollect the books I buried myself in let's see (I shall probably miss one or two!)....

Robin Redbreast, Jo Nesbro

The Eye of the Leopard, by Henning Mankell

How I found her, Rose Tremain

The Third Person By Stephaine Newell and the subject of my next post (above)

 At least three dire internet downloads I should prefer not to mention (I must have been feeling highly masochistic!)

Dipping into Henry James "Ambassadors"

A little light Trollop with Phineas Redux

Apology for the Woman Writing by Jenny Diski

Something Blue by Monical Ali

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