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Thu 22 Mar

Before I go to Sleep

They say some things come in threes,?  Well a recent run of reading began with "The Room" recounting the experience of a woman held captive and giving birth to a son confined within a room for more than seven years, but from the viewpoint of the child (who has known no other).  This held it's own strange fascination and was well told without playing up to any great horror.  It was hopeful and moving in terms of the resilience of humanity.

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Mon 19 Mar

Ebook library experience

A chain of events whcih started badly has turned out better than I could have hoped for.

At first I trod on my trusty old BeBook as I got out of bed - I was distraught to discover the next evening that the screen was fractured making the deivice pretty much useless.

After the initial annoyance I consoled myself that I still had my old Sony and pondered as to whether the new Sony reader with wifi would be the better experience.  My wonderful partner the very next day went out and got me one!  Read More »