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Sun 27 May

On apologies

Althogh you may not be hearing anything about my reading (because I have not finished any books of note, life has just been too busy!) this does not mean I have completely unplugged from matters literary.

For exmaple listening to the World Service this morning I heard their "World Book Club" discussing Amitav Ghosh - "The Shadow Lines"  which I found fascinating.  It was very insightful into the wiring process, especially from this writers point of view of course.  This was much helped by a really really high standard of questions and commentary, which I suppose is to be expected given the mambers are drawn from "around the World" but the BBC!  The observation that struck me the most was that he had chosen to write about a horrendous period of violent unrest (Religious Wars in this case) and part of that choice for him was because whilst Wars have a consistently strong narrative (as William Boyd often seems to exploit!), including many many memoirs, biographies, and subsequent ficitonal accounts etc etc episodes like this inspire a sort of shameful collective silence and have no such "narrative".

Later on the regular radio I got to hear this and cannot resist posting it by way of my apology!  Credits to the "Wondering Minstrels" for the copy/paste

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Tue 1 May

A bit too much Boyd!

I've somehow managed to tear through quite a few books and then hit another "reading block" all of a sudden, so I wanted to try and capture my thoughts on this book especially before they fade into the past.

An honourable mention to William Boyd though, for his recently published "Waiting for Sunrise".  This was an entertaining read and an amusing tale around psychotherapy in the war years (ever noticed that almost every single one of Mr Boyd's books have a war or conflict within them?). Read More »