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Wed 26 Sep
The paper back cover, a blue hued image of wilderness with waters and far wooded horizons

Another of my holiday reads this summer was in complete contrast to the Philippa Gregory historical tale of the Tudors. Lynn Schooler is an author I first actually heard on the radio recounting (probably reading verbatim) the account of his encounter with a bear in the Alaskan wilderness. The account is extremely memorable, and on reading my memory switched back to the interview quite immediately, which gave an interesting perspective on the writing.

Although this book is completely "masculine" compared with the rather "womanly" writing of Philippa Gregory there is actually a link with her writing , and perhaps an unexpected one

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The Other Boleyn Girl - historical thoughts

I finished this book whilst on holiday in July, and although I had taken it as a holiday read perhaps it deserves a little more respect. There's no doubt that Philippa Gregory is a prolific and popular author, but I was unsure if historical novels were her stock in trade, as they are for an author like Mary Renault.

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Fri 21 Sep
A mermaid swims down through aquamarine seas with bubbles streaming back

Adult and Child Writing

I am in the midst of reading Helen Dunmore's work "Ingo" to my daughter, all about the Mer people and definitely a cut above "The Water Babies" which would make an interesting compare and contrast as the next book to try reading for her, one I suspect she would enjoy a good deal less (although it has an enduring appeal for myself, I hate to admit!). Read More »

Sun 2 Sep

The Same Sea; a new author

It is not often I get excited about a new book these days, and from my previous entry you'll see how I had a very dispiriting experience recently.

Imagine my excitement to recently not only find a new book, but to discover a new author (it gets better too!).  The author in question is Amos Oz and I have been intrigued to discover he writes in Hebrew.  There are quite a few Israeli authors I respect and have read, but with the exception of Isaac Bashevis Singer (who wrote in Yiddish, quite a different proposition!) they all write in English.  The book was, I thought, his most recent work and a random choice from the library; "The Same Sea".  Turns out it was published in 1999 and that Amos Oz has written extensively before and after.

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