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Sun 14 Oct

Thundering good read

like a piece of organ music!

"Until I Find You" by John Irving and as I started to write this blog entry I overheard on the wireless an interviewer talking about tattoos - synchronicity or not?!

The really embarrassing thing is I just today told a friend this book was "called something with a heart in it, and written by Wally Lamb" to which my fiancée advised "don't be surprised when it is not by Wally Lamb"!

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Tue 9 Oct
A weathered blue door frame with the timbers forming a cross - the word GILEAD across in bold type as the cover of the book

On hearing Marilyn Robinson talk of Gilead

It was a remarkable thing that drew me into listening to "The Book Programme" recently on Radio Four, the author's voice was remarkably similar to that of Diane Weist who acted the part of the supervisor in the drama "In Therapy". But beyond that was the nagging feeling that I had heard of Gilead and more than knowing it as a biblical place and contemporary balm I knew of it in a literary context. Still I did not link this with the interviewee, Marilyn Robinson. Read More »