Archive of December 2012

Sat 22 Dec

in hospital reading

But it's aero having the op not me! I'm just playing with my blackberry to pass time...

Sun 16 Dec

Having a cold and reading

I am finding an unexpected aspect to this stinking cold I seem to have, along with most of the London population it seems, it is stopping me reading!

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Sun 9 Dec

Teachers - can they spell advocacy?

back in the day when this blog was called "didactic" I would occasionally deviate from matters literary into matters literate.

Today on the radio I heard a reference that made me think I might laps back to my old ways for an indulgent post.

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Fri 7 Dec

Which is the "heavier" Reading?

I am presently reading Wideacre the opening tome of a trilogy by the prolific Philippa Gregory. At the same time as this I borrowed impulsively from the library a far slimmer volume The Infinities by John Banville.

So, we have the Banville v. Gregory challenge, per the title, which is the "easier" or "lighter" read?

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